Civil Rights Investigator (Human Resources)
Job Title: Civil Rights Investigator (Human Resources)
# of Vacancies:
Job Type: Staff
Job Classification: HUMAN RESOURCES
Online Application: Not Available
Detailed Job Description: Yes
Minimum Qualifications: Education and Experience:A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in business, educational or public administration, human resources management, social work, law, or a related field and four (4) years of related job experience investigating and processing complaints, appeals, and grievances related to equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, Title IX or other civil rights compliance, or related areas.
Salary: $10,066 - $12,253 mos
Work Year: 12 months
Full Time/Part Time: Full-Time
Agency: Riverside Community College District
Academic Job Line No:
Classified Job Line No:
Phone Number:
Date Posted: Wednesday, October 25, 2023
Application Deadline: Do Not Display
First Screening Date
Required Documents:
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