CUSTODIAN (Evening Shift) SJCC
Job Title: CUSTODIAN (Evening Shift) SJCC
# of Vacancies:
Job Type: Staff
Job Classification: CUSTODIAN
Online Application: Not Available
Detailed Job Description: Yes
Minimum Qualifications: EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE1. Completion of formal or informal education which assures the ability to read, write and speak at the level sufficient for successful job performance.2. Experience in building or related cleaning work.Special Licenses, Certificates, etc.:1. Possession of a valid California Class C Drivers license.
Salary: $56,605 - $69,044 yr
Work Year: 12 months
Full Time/Part Time: Full-Time
Agency: San Jose / Evergreen Community College District
Academic Job Line No:
Classified Job Line No:
Phone Number:
Date Posted: Monday, February 12, 2024
Application Deadline: Do Not Display
First Screening Date
Required Documents:
These are materials (e.g., resume, transcripts, etc.) that MUST be submitted prior to a candidate's consideration for hiring.

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