Psychology Instructor, (Temporary, Part-Time Pool)

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Job Title: Psychology Instructor, (Temporary, Part-Time Pool)
# of Vacancies:
Job Type: Faculty
Job Classification: PSYCHOLOGY
Job Description: Click Here for Detailed Job Description
Minimum Qualifications: 1. Demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities to work with community college students with disabilities, various sexual orientations, and diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds (Required). 2. Master’s in Psychology from an accredited institution; OR THE EQUIVALENT; OR Bachelor’s in Psychology from an accredited institution AND Master’s in Counseling, Sociology, Statistics, Neuroscience or Social Work from an accredited institution; OR THE EQUIVALENT; [If you would like to claim education equivalency for the formal educational requirement, the “Faculty Equivalency Application Form” is available on the left side margin. This form will be considered as part of the application materials and must be submitted on or before the filing deadline as indicated on this job posting.]
Salary: $85.23 to $93.01
Work Term: See Job Description
Full Time/Part Time: Part-Time
District/College: San Francisco Community College District
Academic Job Line No: (415) 452-7660
Classified Job Line No: (415) 452-7660
Contact: (Click to Email) Rebecca Ancheta, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 415-239-3433
Date Posted: Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 18, 2024 - 5:00:00 PM
First Screening Date
Required Documents:
Materials that MUST be submitted prior to a candidate's consideration for hiring.

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