Adjunct Faculty (Computer Sciences), #00100

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Job Title: Adjunct Faculty (Computer Sciences), #00100
# of Vacancies:
Job Type: Faculty
Job Classification: COMPUTER & INFO SCI
Job Description: Click Here for Detailed Job Description
Minimum Qualifications: Master's in computer science or computer engineeringORBachelor's in either of the aboveANDMaster's in mathematics, cybernetics, business administration, accounting or engineeringORBachelor's in engineeringANDMaster's in cybernetics, engineering, mathematics, or business administrationORBachelor's in mathematicsANDMaster's in cybernetics, engineering, mathematics, or business administrationORBachelor's degree in any of the aboveANDA master's degree in information science, computerinformation systems, or information systemsORThe equivalent. (NOTE: Courses in the use of computer programs for application to a particular discipline may be classified for minimum qualifications purposes, under the discipline of the application.)
Salary: $54.26 - $67.14 Hourly
Work Term: Part-Time
Full Time/Part Time: Part-Time
District/College: Sequoias Community College District
Academic Job Line No: (559) 737-6165
Classified Job Line No:
Contact: (Click to Email) Human Resources
Phone Number: (559) 737-6165
Date Posted: Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Application Deadline: Continuous
Required Documents:
Materials that MUST be submitted prior to a candidate's consideration for hiring.

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