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Sponsoring Agency: South Orange County Community College District
Event Date: August 17, 2023 - November 17, 2023
Event Name: B.L.O.O.M. Faculty Internship Program
Event Description: Program Eligibility

Interested parties must meet these qualifications to be considered for the internship:

Interns must never have had paid teaching experience, as the instructor of record, at the community college level. All other teaching experiences, as well as teaching-related positions, such as embedded tutoring and supplemental instruction at the community college level, are acceptable.

Interns must be committed to collaborating with their mentors, participating actively in their cohort, and supporting community college students.

Interns in instructional areas who have already completed their graduate coursework must meet minimum qualifications for teaching in their desired discipline as defined in the CCCCO’s Minimum Qualifications Handbook.

Interns who are currently in a Master’s or Doctoral program must (a) possess or be working toward a graduate degree that will help them meet the CCCCO’s Minimum Qualifications in their discipline and (b) have completed at least one full-time year of graduate coursework in their graduate program by the start of the internship.

Interns in vocational/technical areas only may possess:

a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years of full-time occupational experience in a vocational/technical area or;

an Associate’s degree with a minimum of six years of full-time occupational experience in a vocational/technical area.



Interns in the SOCCCD B.L.O.O.M. Program will actively participate in both a one-to-one collaboration with their faculty mentor and a cohort of fellow interns who share aspirations of teaching at the community college level. With their mentors, interns will discover techniques for course and lesson planning, student engagement, and classroom management. As members of the cohort, interns will participate in robust training opportunities that provide insight into equitable and inclusive teaching strategies, data-informed decision making, technological tools, comprehensive student support, and countless other topics that will enhance their ongoing professional growth. Interns will receive a $500.00 stipend for completion of the program. The following performance responsibilities further describe the position:

Be open, communicative, and professional with the mentor, Program Directors, and members of the cohort.

Participate in a brief, pre-semester orientation and final celebration at the end of the semester.

Communicate respectfully and openly with the mentor for a minimum of 30 minutes per week using modes agreed upon by both parties: in person, phone, Zoom, etc.

Attend and formally observe one of the mentor’s course sections throughout the duration of the semester. As mentors and interns agree, there may be flexibility to attend multiple sections.

Observe the mentor’s course Canvas shell. Note organizational methods, communication processes, student engagement strategies, and assessment techniques.

Gain insight into developing inclusive classroom environments in which all participants’ ideas, cultures, and identities are valued and respected.

Teach a minimum of two 20-minute lessons for students. Lessons must be approved by the mentor in advance. Debrief with the mentor and incorporate their feedback.

Participate in supervised interactions with students: conferencing in class or student hours, leading discussions, facilitating review sessions, etc.

Learn about student assessment options and grading practices.

Discover classroom management techniques and understand the student incident reporting process.

Attend and debrief with the mentor about at least one college-, division-, or department-wide meeting.

Identify the roles that various campus offices and individuals play in student and employee success.

Develop a sense of belonging to the community college faculty culture through regular and open dialogue with mentors about these subjects: prioritizing professional responsibilities, avoiding burn out, managing time a
Start Time to End Time:  See information
Event Address: 28000 Marguerite Parkway Mission Viejo
Other Location Info:
Web Site: https://www.socccd.edu/departments/human-resources/bloom-faculty-internship-program/intern-information
Contact  Phone: 949.582.4850
Contact Email: NA
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