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Sponsoring Agency: FY21 Project Match Internship
Event Date: November 1, 2020 - March 19, 2021
Event Description:

FY21 Project Match Internship



Applications accepted between November 4, 2020 and March 19, 2021

Purpose of the Program

The Los Angeles Community College District, LACCD, comprised of nine area colleges offers Project MATCH as a program to prepare and recruit a diverse community college faculty who are sensitive to the needs of the students and communities it serves. The goals of the program are to (1) improve the diversity of the faculty pool in the District, (2) mentor participants to serve as role models reflecting that diversity within the District, and (3) better reflect the diversity of the communities within the largest community college district in the nation.


The Program is open to all qualified applicants who:

1. Are authorized to work in the USA;

2. Meet Minimum Qualifications in the subject area to which they will be assigned as mentees. The subject area (either academic or vocational) must be one that is taught at one of the nine campuses of the Los Angeles Community College District. The minimum qualifications requirements for academic and vocational teaching areas are set forth in the 2018 Chancellor’s Office Minimum Qualifications Handbook which can be found at:


3. Do not have any paid college (2 or 4 year) professional teaching experience prior to applying or during the course of the mentorship, except as listed below. Similar professional experience in counseling or library science will disqualify applicants applying as counseling or library mentees.

The following types of paid teaching experiences will not disqualify an applicant from consideration: Preschool, K-12, Adult Education, Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA), Community-Based Courses, College-Extension Courses, Not-For-College-Credit Courses, or Corporate Education.

Please note that the Program is not open to those who have previously completed the program, or those who have been dismissed and/or disqualified from the Program.

Program Commitment and Structure

The Project MATCH mentorship is a multi-component program comprised of mandatory elements including the following:

1. The Program Kick-Off event and session held in late May or early June, marking the beginning of the Summer Institute.

2. The Summer Institute, held during the months of July and August, designed to give mentees the fundamental theories and skills necessary to thrive in their community college mentorship. Summer Institute classes are scheduled twice per week on a Thursday and on a Saturday. Thursday class is from 6:00p.m. to 10:00p.m and the Saturday class is from 8:30a.m.-3:00p.m.

3. Follow-Up sessions are held on one Saturday in September, October, and November.

4. Culmination event, held during an evening in December before the end of the fall semester.

Prior to the fall semester, each participant will be matched with a faculty mentor. The participant will be assigned to work with the mentor generally a minimum of three hours per week for 15 consecutive weeks throughout the fall semester.

There are 9 colleges within the LACCD. Campus selection and mentor matching is at the sole discretion of the District. The ability of applicants to participate in a daytime assignment is highly preferable as there is limited availability of evening placements. Please also note that evening opportunities may not be available for counseling or library mentees.

Start Time to End Time:  See description
Event Address: See description Los Angeles Area
Other Location Info:
Web Site: https://www.laccd.edu/Departments/EPIE/Pages/Project-Match.aspx
Contact  Phone: (213) 891-2104
Contact Email: NA
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