About Us

The California Community Colleges (CCC) have approximately 80,000 employees. There are approximately 16, 000 full-time faculty and 7,000 administrators.

The CCC system will have numerous openings during the coming years. The Registry was created to maintain a large-scale computerized database of the names, addresses, and qualifications of professionals who are committed to educational excellence.

California Community College salaries rank among the best in the United States. There is no single California lifestyle. There are community colleges in mountain, desert, valley, seacoast, urban, suburban, and rural settings.

As a member of the California Community College System you will be in a key position to help shape California's unique multi-cultural society; whether you work with students intent on transferring to four-year institutions, help train a new generation to succeed in the 21st Century work place, prepare a generation of new Americans for collegiate work, or perform any of the other community functions for which our colleges are noted.

If you are interested in career employment or promotional opportunities as a support staff/classified, faculty member or administrator, you may place your name and qualifications in The Registry database now.

Your personal and professional data will be entered into The Registry database and become accessible to the Human Resource Officers at the 108 public community colleges in California. Colleges using The Registry will inform you of openings they believe you are interested in and qualified to fill. Should you receive information on a job opening through The Registry, it is your responsibility to apply for and pursue the position accordingly. The Registry is a database and job bank search provider. Individuals are responsible for applying to any listed positions.

Are you interested in teaching at a California Community College (CCC)? Or would you like to find out what administrative positions are available?

The Registry can help in your search for employment at a California Community College. By contacting The Registry at (800) 245-4157 you could be on your way to completing your job search!

To add your name to the 19,000+ potential applicants already enrolled, simply place your name and qualifications in The Registry database now. Your name, address and qualifications will be entered into The Registry database, which is exclusively accessed by California Community College Human Resources officers. As positions become available and colleges contact The Registry for lists of job-specific applicants, you should begin receiving job announcements directly from CCC District Human Resources offices.

It is your responsibility to follow-up with the individual colleges regarding application packets, application deadlines, etc.

The minimum academic qualifications for faculty positions are generally a master's degree in the subject area or its equivalent. For vocational disciplines an associate degree with six years of relevant occupational experience is the usual minimum requirement. Possession of a valid California Community college credential also meets this requirement. Other locally established equivalencies may apply. The minimum requirements for administrative positions vary. Individual applicants are responsible for checking with colleges directly to ascertain hiring requirements.

The California Community Colleges provide excellent salaries and fringe benefits; comprise 108 colleges diverse in size, location, geography, student body, staff; serve over 2 million students; and have a work force of almost 80,000.

The California Community Colleges are equal opportunity employer institutions.